LC-22lr Conversion Kit



* This model does not fit the Ruger LC9s (striker fired version of LC9) or Ruger LCP.*

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This kit is to convert your Ruger LC9 or Ruger LC380 hand gun into a Twisted Industries LC9-22, .22 caliber hand gun. The light weight construction reduces the firing weight. The slide is made from aircraft quality 7075 aluminum.  The 10 round magazine is also machined from billet aluminum. The barrel is made from stainless steel.  Practice for less money! Same gun, lighter weight and lighter on your wallet! Our kit is machined to the same basic dimensions as the original firearm to ensure you are getting the best practice for less money. No need to get a new holster or belt clip either. The one you have now will work with no modifications. Our kits are currently being CeraKoted at no extra charge. <strong>CeraKote is available in Graphite Black, OD Green, and Coyote Tan. This model is graphite black. CeraKoting is much more durable and looks a lot nicer than standard anodizing.This kit includes everything you need to switch from 9mm or .380  to .22 LR in 20 seconds. The kit includes one aluminum magazine, but there is room in the box for two! Don’t forget your spare magazine!


Firearm LC9/LC380 LC-22
Chambered 9MM/.380 22LR
Ammo Cost Remington $37 per 100 CCI MiniMag $7 per 100
Cost per shot 37 Cents 7 Cents
Weight Unloaded 16.75 OZ 13.25 OZ
Weight Loaded 21 OZ 14.4 OZ

* The Ruger pinky extension and standard magazine bottom will fit on the LC22 magazine!

* This model does not fit the Ruger LC9s (striker fired version of LC9) or Ruger LCP. Email us to receive updates on either of these pistols.

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