Check out the review of our conversion kits made by NRA American Rifleman

(Excerpt from Article: Twisted Industries PF9-22LR Conversion Kit by B. Gil Horman – Tuesday, March 14, 2017))

“Folks who choose affordably priced compact 9 mm carry pistols usually buy them because they not only fit into their preferred carry systems but they also don’t break the bank in the process. However, diminutive semi-automatics, especially those with double-action-only triggers, require plenty of practice to master. The 9 mm ammunition needed to keep these little pistols fed at the range is one of the least-expensive cartridges on the market today. But that doesn’t mean it’s cheap.

An effective way to cut ammunition costs at the shooting range is to invest in a .22 Long Rifle caliber conversion. The .22 rimfire’s penny-per-round price tag evaporated long ago and it’s still hard to find in some places around the country. However, as of this writing, practice-grade .22 is in stock with reputable dealers for around $0.08 per shot. The practice-grade 9 mm provided by the same suppliers is going for $0.22 per shot. Even if you’re paying the steep price of $0.15 per round for .22, there’s still a significant savings—one you’ve worked your way through to the other side of 500 rounds or more. ”

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